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The Famous Red Barn

This is our most renowned cabin. In 2022, this property was handpicked by Airbnb officials and displayed on their billboard located in the bustling streets of downtown San Francisco. The barn houses two separate bedrooms, each fitted with a queen-size bed, and one of the rooms also includes a sofa bed to accommodate extra guests. The bathrooms for both rooms are located on the other end of the barn's communal area and are equipped with showers and a single sink. The barn's common area is spacious and boasts magnificent views. However, please note, since the communal area of the barn is an open space and considering our farm setting, while we make every effort to maintain cleanliness, expect to occasionally see chickens (yes, our chickens roam freely and sometimes visit the barn), chicken droppings, and some small creatures like frogs and bugs. We have placed seals under the room doors to minimize these little creatures from entering the bedroom areas, but it's not 100% foolproof. Adjust your expectations and treat any unexpected encounters with these creatures as part of the natural experience.
  • 5 guests • 2 bedrooms • 2 beds • 1.5 bath
  • indoor heaters
  • full kitchen
  • bbq grill
  • WiFi access
  • party games
My friends and I took the kids to stay at the Lingyin Mountain Villa.This is a very quiet and lively place.Leaving away from the city bustle, some people live in harmony with nature.The kids experienced a group of sheep rushing into the sheep, feeding cow horses and sheep, and touch the animals.The landlord also raised parrots and enthusiastically invited us to go to her family and parrots to communicate.The kids are delighted.The owner also warmly invited us to share dinner with her.We tasted a delicious dinner.The barn we stayed in at night was very clean and tidy, and the bedding was very soft and comfortable.The mattress is also very comfortable to sleep on.My 2 kids slept well.The toilet is also very clean.There is a big living room outside the barn.At night, the owner invited us to the Song Dynasty Meditation.The whole person's body and mind are greatly relaxed and healed.The living room has a view of the mountains in the distance.We woke up in the morning and sat in front of the sofa with a mountain view.It's raining and you can still see the sea of clouds.I feel like we are on a Swiss vacation.The Bay Area is only 2.5 hours away.It is really convenient for transportation.We walked north through Napa.Along the way, there are many wine estates and autumn colors.The next day, the host took us to ride a horse.My daughter is a first time horse ride, but the coach is very professional.She can walk for a short walk with her and my daughter is very happy. It was a great experience to stay here.Worth recommending to friends around.This is a place for you to enjoy your body and mind.If you come, you won't be willing to leave.
From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the breathtaking views that this Airbnb offered. The natural panorama was nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it truly set the stage for a serene getaway. The presence of the cute animals on the property added a delightful charm, making every moment even more special. But what truly stood out was the warmth and hospitality extended to me during my stay. The hosts went above and beyond to ensure I felt welcomed and comfortable. Staying here, I felt a deep sense of calm and connection, not just to the place, but to nature and myself. I wholeheartedly recommend this haven to anyone seeking a soulful retreat.
WHAT A HIDDEN GEM! Soul Whispering Ranch just exceeded all expectations! I was a little bit nervous as this place got no reviews. But my trip is very last minute and this place seems to be a fun and unique choice. The rooms are a haven of beauty, boasting exquisite décor and attention to detail. The animal experience activities were a highlight, offering unforgettable encounters with friendly and amazing creatures. And the singing bowl experience added an extra dimension of relaxation and serenity. Truly a remarkable stay that left us in awe. Don't miss out on this hidden gem of luxury and delight!
The specious event space
Our newly remodeled, rusted bedroom is equipped with a queen size bed
The full bathroom is located on the other side of the barn. It has a shower and a single sink
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