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Soul Whispering Amidst the City Roar

We are Shine and Roger, urban dwellers with first-generation immigrant backgrounds. For as long as our family memory stretches, city life with its constant noise and neon lights has been our backdrop. In this vast urban landscape, we've never felt the warmth of our own patch of soil or listened to the stories animals might tell us. It sometimes seemed as if our paths were mapped far away from nature's embrace.

Then, on Feb 1, 2023, a vivid dream visited Shine. A dream painted with landscapes that words might struggle to describe — where mountains stood like old friends and streams murmured stories from ages past. We found ourselves planting vibrant flowers, sowing seeds of life, and connecting with animals as old comrades. In that ethereal space, our spirits felt a pull, a grounding, a sense of tranquility we had long yearned for. The dream showed us a potential life, one deeply intertwined with nature, where our souls could freely converse and dance.

Moved by this revelation, we embarked on a search. A search for a place that mirrored Shine's dream; a sanctuary where souls could heal and find their rhythm.

Our journey found its destination on May 20th when we chanced upon "Reese Ranch Retreat". This was a place the Reese family had nurtured with passion and dedication for 24 years. Their stories, dreams, and the energy they invested resonated with us. After heartwarming exchanges, we decided to carry their legacy forward, blending their vision with ours.

Today, the ranch is a harmonious blend of past memories and future dreams. The Reese family has since settled in Texas, to be close to their children & grandchildren, and we've taken the torch to ensure the ranch flourishes.

Amidst urban cacophony, we stumbled upon a whisper, a gentle nudge towards a deeper connection with nature and oneself. We felt it apt to rename the ranch "Soul Whispering Ranch". At Soul Whispering Ranch, we've crafted a haven where both humans and nature find their song. Our ethos is clear: to serve, to heal, to connect. We've come to realize that by truly embracing this philosophy, life unfolds its richest rewards — moments of serenity, joy, and profound meaning.

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Witter Springs, CA, 95493
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